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Hello and welcome to the IMSE. Here we will regularly update information in regards to the group activities, from press to publications, to vacancies to new collaborations. Please enjoy the content: 


German Society for Biomaterials - Online Panel Discussion


Prof Selhuber-Unkel will be presenting at the following event,


"An online-based panel discussion will take place on May 12th, 2021 from 4 p.m. to 5:30 p.m., in which the diverse paths of science, industry and start-ups will be discussed.


A central concern of the DGBM's Young Scientists Forum is to create a platform on which young biomaterials scientists can ask their questions. We, therefore, want to use the opportunity of the panel discussion to briefly introduce ourselves and our goals.


The event is supported by the Young Scientists Forum of the European Society for Biomaterials (YSF-ESB)."


New Group Members!





We would like to welcome a new postdoc, Dr. Federico Colombo, and Ph.D. student, Angeles De La Cruz to the group. Please head over to the Group Members tab to find out more about their projects. 





Good bye and good luck Helen


Good Luck


Helen has been a fantastic part of our team, although short, she has provided us with her expert knowledge in the biological field as well as play a large contribution to setting up our biology lab since our move from Kiel University. We wish all the best for her future ventures, and she will be missed!



Publication Update!





"We developed a preparation method for conductive hydrogel composites with outstanding electrical conductivity at extremely low filler loadings. Polyacrylamide and exfoliated graphene are microengineered to 3D composites such that conductive graphene pathways pervade the hydrogel matrix similar to an artificial nervous system."


C. Arndt , M. Hauck, I. Wacker, B. Zeller Plumhoff, F. Rasch,  M. Taale , AS Nia, X. Feng, R. Adelung, RR Schroeder, F. Sch ü tt,  C. Selhuber- Unkel  (2021): Microengineered hollow graphene tube systems generate conductive hydrogels with extremely low filler concentration . Nano letters , 21, 8, 3690-3697 


Christine Selhuber-Unkel is now a PI in the excellence cluster 3DMM2O



BIG NEWS! ERC Consolidator Grant awarded


Today we celebrate the fantastic news of Prof. Selhuber-Unkel awarded the ERC consolidator grant to 'Investigate the photomechanical stimulation of cells'. For more information, please follow the embeded  link


Tobias Spratte Joins us at Heidelberg


Tobias a PhD candidate joins us in Heidelberg for a continuation of his PhD from Kiel University. Tobias will be focussing on stimuli-responsive hydrogels for the use as actuators in soft robotics and the investigation of cooperative interactions in soft microactuator systems. Tobias will also be part of the EMS project 'A synthetic biology and materials science approach to Plasmodium-infected red cell' along with Dr Sunil Rajput within the group. 


Extension of the CRC 1261 Funding


Today we celebrate the extension of funding for the CRC 1261 project. The IMSE team is working on 3D magnetic imaging of cells in biomaterials. 


Funding awarded (EMS Flagship)


Today we have been awarded short term funding for the project 'A synthetic biology and materials science approach to Plasmodium-infected red cell'. Funding was awarded to Prof Selhuber-Unkel and Dr Sunil Rajput. 

The Flagship Initiative Engineering Molecular Systems (Fl EMS) is part of the Excellence Strategy of Heidelberg University and brings together researchers from different institutes and faculties of the university as well as non-university research institutions. The aim of the flagship initiative is to develop new materials, methods, technologies, devices and therapies at the molecular level with the help of natural and synthetic building blocks. This requires the interaction of different disciplines such as chemistry, biology, physics, mathematics, medicine as well as theoretical calculations and simulations. 


Ankit Mishra (PhD Candidate) - 'Materials for Brain'


Today we welcome Ankit Mishra as a PhD candidate to the IMSE. Ankit Mishra will be joining us at the IMSE in collaboration with Kiel University for the RTG 2154 ' Materials for Brain ' project.


Maria Villiou (Postdoc) - 'Max Planck School - Matter to Life"


Today we welcome Maria Villiou as a postdoc to the IMSE. Maria Villiou obtained her BSc from the Department of Chemistry at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. During her MSc in Biomedical Sciences at the School of Medicine, University of Patras, Greece, she was investigating the effect of the DNA replication factor Geminin in colorectal cancer induction, in cancer stem cells and intestinal organoids. She completed her Marie Sklodowska-Curie PhD project in Prof. Aranzazu del Campo's lab, at the INM-Leibniz Institute for New Materials in Saarbrücken, Germany where she developed photodegradable, bioadhesive and 3D-printable hydrogels for dynamic 3D cell culture and biomedical applications.


Biohybrid Robots and Intelligent Implants


Ruperto Carola July 2020




Prof. Dr. Christine Selhuber-Unkel has recently published a small piece on "Biohybrid Robots and Intelligent Implants" in the latest edition (July 2020) of the Ruperto Carola magazine entitled "Machine and Man". 




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