Institute for Molecular Systems Engineering (IMSE)

The Institute for Molecular Systems Engineering (IMSE)  at Heidelberg University was founded in 2020 as an interdisciplinary institute at the interface of natural and molecular life sciences, materials science, and molecular engineering. It is a central part of the flagship initiative “Engineering Molecular Systems”. Particularly topics with relation to applications and interdisciplinary research is in the focus of this institute. The IMSE building on the “Im Neuenheimer Feld” campus, hosting laboratories for physics, chemistry, materials science and molecular biology, will open in summer 2022. It will be a hub to connect the Center for Advanced Materials (CAM) with the European Institute for Neuromorphic Computing (EINC). 

Finally, we are pleased to announce that IMSE and CAM are officially combined into a single institute: The Institute for Molecular Systems Engineering and Advanced Materials ("IMSEAM”)! A new webpage will follow soon. 

IMSE Campus Map
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